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A self taught make up artist with a passion for make up artistry in her late twenties made a life changing career choice after having attended the prestigious London College of fashion for a workshop.   Within six weeks of taking a leap into the creative beauty leaving behind a 9 to 5 desk job, Tricia was working back stage with UK's leading elite MUA teams for top fashion designer shows.  Soon Tricia became a recognised MUA of personal choice for TV shows & Red carpet celebrity events.  Over two decades later, Tricia is still renowned as a personal artist of choice to many and travelled the globe worldwide earning an extensive list of credits for her work globally and nationally both in print and on screen.  Working behind the scenes as both a personal artist and often too as a valued member across various high end TV & film productions part of crew she is especially known for her warm way & creating confidence to those  she works with.  With women's hair styling and mens grooming skills Tricia is requested across the industry as a trusted familiar artist amongst leading Photographers, Film directors, TV producers & high profile private clients.  


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